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openVA Verbal Autopsy Software

openVA is software to run automated verbal autopsy coding algorithms. Development is ongoing, and things are changing rapidly. This site provides information useful for installing and running openVA. All of the software itself is contained in ‘packages’ written for the free, open-source statistical programming environment R. The packages are available through the Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN).

openVA is the main package for VA analysis: CRAN, Github

Packages for VA algorithms

Other packages and codes

Tutorials and vignettes:

Package news

Coverage of VA Instruments by Algorithm

Questionnaire InSilicoVA InterVA4 InterVA5 Tariff1 Tariff2
WHO 2012 openVA2 openVA openVA2 openVA  
WHO 2014 openVA1   openVA1    
WHO 2016   openVA      
  version 1.4.1 openVA1,2 & shiny   openVA1,2 & shiny openVA under development
  version 1.5.1 openVA1,2 & shiny   openVA1,2 & shiny openVA under development
PHMRC long openVA   under development   under development
PHMRC short openVA2   openVA2 openVA under development

Notes: 1 - data prepared with CrossVA
            2 - data prepared with pyCrossVA

This work is supported by Vital Strategies, Bloomberg Philanthropies Data for Health Initiative, and the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) grant R01 HD086227.